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International Event #2

| December 14, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

Earlier this semester, I went to the Kaffee und Kuchen event at OU. This event had a specific interest towards Austrian culture; really a specific…Read More

German Club

| November 27, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

I spent my entire sophomore year studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany; the experience in Heidelberg made me want to become more involved in German opportunities…Read More


| June 2, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

Only a couple of weeks after my journey to the Netherlands, I journey west again, and went to Belgium. I began in Brussels. Brussels is…Read More

Netherlands Trip

| June 2, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

April was a very busy month for me. I flew back to Germany after a little time back in the US. (Germany has a two…Read More


| February 5, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

The semester is finally coming to an end here in Germany. In fact, as I write this, I only have two more days of class!…Read More

German Football

| February 5, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

This past month, I decided that it was time for me to start to go to some football, (soccer) matches in Germany. I mean, when…Read More

Some Family Time

| January 2, 2018 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

First of all, happy holidays, and best wishes for the upcoming year. Over my holiday break, I was visited by my parents. After four months…Read More

Christmas Markets

| December 31, 2017 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

Over the past month, I have visited the Christmas markets of Germany. (And one in France.) As it is New Years Eve, most of the…Read More


| December 4, 2017 | BenjaminWilliamLevenson | 0

The major trip of the month. Kelsey and I randomly decided to go to Prague. So, we booked our tickets, (Only 55 Euros for a…Read More

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